Which Material is Best Suited for Hotel Tensile Structure?

Tensile structure for hotel? Yeah! You read that right. As crazy and rare as it may sound, believe me it’s not. Most of the hotels and resorts around the globe are ‘resorting’ to the use of tensile structure to speed up the construction and get it done at a fraction of what a traditional building might cost. Want to build a brand new hotel? Try tensile structure. Want to expand your existing hotel? Want to add few more structures to it? There’s nothing better than tensile structure for hotel.
But how exactly do you make the right choice? Is there a readily available guide to help you out? Yes, there is. You can visit here (Tensile Fabric Structure ‘step-by-step guide to construct a tensile structure’) to learn how to build a tensile structure, step-by-step. To learn more about how to choose the best tensile material for tensile structure. In this blog, we will look at some of the materials that can be used in tensile structure for hotel. In brief.
No lack of options
The list of mate…

Retractable tensile structure roofs: Need, design and benefit

You went to watch your favorite match and the rain ruined the play. Wouldn’t you be frustrated? I would be if I were you. It seems a bit unfair. You took all the trouble to go and watch the game but the rains played spoilsport. It might have been one such instance that prompted the invention of retractable tensile structure roofs. As the name suggests, they can be opened and closed at will unlike the traditional concrete slabs that just stays there. Originally designed to ward off rains over a sporting arena, they soon widened in use and found their place in common homes as well.
More like a sky facing window
When the weather is fine and you feel like peeking out, is it not a smart conception to have your roof designed in such a way that it can be opened and closed at your will? Retractable roof structure does exactly that. Made from flexible materials like plastics, fibers and their derivatives like nylon, vinyl etc. the roofs are designed to exceptionally flexible in operation. The…

6 Facts about Fabric Tensile Structure

Tensile Structures are the structures which involve only tension and there is no involvement of compression or bending in such structures. This is because Tensile Structure is supported by compression or bending elements. Here are 6 facts about fabric tensile structures. 1.    It has been said that fabric can last longer than most of other construction materials. With fabric, one can easily give any kind of shape to a tensile structure and it has also been observed that fabric protects during bad weather conditions.
2.    It is very cost effective as compared to other construction materials, this is because the support structure and the fabric membrane are pre-fabricated, and hence one doesn’t need to pay a big amount for the installation of tensile structures.
3.    It has also been observed that fabric act as a protective shield while bad weather conditions. For example, if the place is having heavy snow fall, it will bounce off the fabric structure as these structures are made to f…

Why Tensile Structure Act As the Best Option for Car Parking

We all know that car parking needs to be made under a tough surface so that the cars don’t face any kind of bad weather conditions. One can use lots of construction materials to make a car parking. But while constructing it, one needs to make sure that he should use the material which is fire resistant and which can stand tall even in the worst weather conditions. Concrete and other materials are mostly used to construct a car parking, however, concrete doesn’t have a fire resisting property. Therefore, if somehow the place gets fire, the parking wouldn’t be having any material which can stop the fire. However, it has been seen that car parking tensile structures have everything that one requires in a car parking. And using these structures one can easily park his cars without any kind of worries. Here is why.
•    Tensile structure has the ability to fight against worst weather conditions. For example, even if your place is having a heavy snowfall, the tensile structure wouldn’t let…